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Although I have been a 3 truck owner since 2005 and have good knowledge on the workings of the truck, there is always more to learn. If you have any tips or know of additional information that would help owners, please contact me. The trucks are well over 15 years old now, keeping them on the road and offering resources to owners is my goal here. Make sure you visit now and then to check for updates!

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Parts and Services:
Chevy SSR Speedometer Repair and LED installation
Chevy SSR Fuse Box Repair for 2005-2006 (and Trailblazer SS)
Chevy SSR Parts – Door latch, Emblem, Carpet, Marker, etc
Power Window Regulator Motor
Stainless dress up accessories
Cross Reference Parts Numbers to other vehicles
Various Internet SSR Related Links for parts, accessories and apparel
LED headlight and fog light bulb review (I suggest Lasfit brand)
NEW (if you want me to list yours, send info) – Private Party SSR For Sale

Repair Guides:
How to properly Jump start or change battery
2003 2004 2005 2006 Engine Does Not Start (Supercharged)
2005-2006 SSR Power Loss, Engine Dies When Hot but restarts when cool (Fuse box)
6 CD Bose stereo CD stuck in player
Step Repair Guides for Chevy SSR by Dick Belville (Dictator) and other members of the SSR community
Chevrolet SSR ABS (EBCU) Repair
Chevy SSR Part Number Cross Reference to Other Vehicles
Chevy SSR Retractable Roof Operation and Service Factory Manual Procedures
Chevy SSR Roof Cycle Timeout
Chevy SSR Speedometer cluster needle erratic (reads incorrectly) or does not move (broken)
Clutch Pedal Sticking
Cooling Fan Operation / Overheating Issues
Cooling fan removal and installation
Courtesy Light Battery Drain
Door latch mechanism does not unlock or lock door
Door Window Regulator Repair
HVAC Temperature Blower Control Lamp Replacement
Parasitic Battery Drain – How find circuit / system draining your battery
SSR Passlock Troubleshooting and Relearn Procedure
Rear trunk accessory outlet has no power
Shift Console Switch / Light Repair
Shifter moves but transmission does not change gears. Stuck in Park.
Roof Hydraulic Cylinder/System Repair
Roof TLAT HALL switch error repair
Trunk / Cargo Lid does not open
Ticking sound on passenger side when air recirculation switch is moved
Window indexing not working correctly
Wiper Motor Pulse Board Replace

Wiring Diagrams / Schematics:
Air Bag System
Automatic Shift Lock Interface
Aux Floor Gauges
Bose Connector
Cooling System
Daytime Running Lights
Door Lock Diagram
Driver Heated Seat
Driver Power Seat
Passenger Power Seat
Radio (2003-2004)
Retractable Roof Switch
Roof Latches
Roof Door Module (RDM) 1
Roof Door Module (RDM) 2
Roof Door Module (RDM) 3
Roof Pump
Roof Sensors

How to Videos:
Automatic Transmission Shift Cable Repair Kit
Cooling System Refresh
Crankshaft Position Sensor Install | Autel MaxiSys MS906 – CKP Variation Learn
Chevy SSR dash cover and instrument cluster removal
Door Panel Removal / Install
Engine Oil Life Reset
Exterior Door Handle Common Problems
Front Frame Stiffening Plate – Installation
Front Wheel Hub – Installation
Front Brake Pads and Rotors – Installation
Front Shocks – Installation – Bilstein
Fuel Inlet Check Valve Repair
2003/2004 Chevy SSR Fuel Filter Replacement
Replace Fuel Pump – 2003-2004 Chevy SSR
Glove Box Door HandlE Replacement
Ground LED projector install
Heater Core Hoses
Chevy SSR Instrument Cluster and Dash installation
Hydraulic System Replacement – Chapter 1 – Introduction
Hydraulic System Replacement – Chapter 2 – Stowage Cover Extension (Flipper) Cylinder
Hydraulic System Replacement – Chapter 3 – Stowage Cover Lift Cylinders
Hydraulic System Replacement – Chapter 4 – Stowage Cover Lock Cylinder
Hydraulic System Replacement – Chapter 5 – Main Lift Cylinders
Hydraulic System Replacement – Chapter 6 – Hydraulic Pump Unit
Top Hydraulic System Replacement – Chapter 7 – Summary
Ignition Switch Replacement
Inside door handle fix
Low-Beam Bulb Change
Lower Radiator Support – Installation
LST 2003/2004 Hood Lift Kit – Installation
LST Deck (Cargo Cover) Struts – Installation
Power Steering Pump Replacement
Radiator Cooling Fan – SE MFK – Installation
2003-2004 Chevy SSR – Replace Intake Manifold Gaskets / Fuel Injectors
Rear Cargo Area – Water Leak Prevention Tips
Retractable Hardtop Maintenance and Adjustment Tips
Spare Tire Kit Install
Sway Bar End Link Replacement
Window Regulator Repair
Window Re-Indexing / Programming the Power Windows
Window Indexing Fix
Install an SSR Windjammer

Custom Chevy SSR image gallery