Chevy SSR Automatic Shift Adapter

This hand made adapter and design allows you to replace the OEM shift handle to allow the use of any shift ball or handle. Instead of pushing the small button to shift gears, all you do is push down on the entire assembly. This is a solid 6061 aluminum body with stainless hardware. You can install any 3/8 – 16 thread shift handle of your choosing. Comes in satin or polished aluminum for a chrome like look. Images below show satin and polished adapters with examples of what customers have done.

Price – $60 for satin plus shipping, $70 polished plus shipping. Requires prepayment as items are built when ordered, takes about 1-2 weeks to build. Use the Contact page for more information.

Installation – It is advised to install your custom handle on the adapter before installing on vehicle and to use a backing nut to hold it in the proper position. If you must install the handle while the adapter is installed, please be keep the twisting pressure on the adapter at a minimum so as not to damage the set screw,

  1. Remove the OEM handle by loosening setscrew in front of handle and simply lift off.
  2. Install your new shift handle on the adapter and align the handle to adapter so that the set screw faces the dash to hide it. If you have to install the handle to the adapter while on the truck, please be VERY careful to not put much pressure on the set screw portion of the adapter. To properly secure the handle to the adapter you might need a backing nut, it is advised to use some thread locker on the nut and/or handle as well.
  3. With the truck in Park, slide the new adapter over the OEM floor shift assembly. You may need to unscrew the preinstalled setscrew slightly to allow the adapter to slide all the way down.
  4. Once the adapter is on, you can lightly push down on the handle assembly to insure it is all the way down, but then let off of the handle completely to tighten the setscrew. Do not use too much force on it to tighten the setscrew, snug should work fine. Use thread locker (not supplied) to help secure setscrew in place if needed. On all of the latest adapters, I am drilling and tapping additional holes in the center tube in case too much pressure is used and the threads get damaged in one hole. If you damage a hole, simply remove the setscrew (hold the top of the adapter to prevent it from flying off with the spring pressure), then turn the adapter tubes until you see a new tapped hole.
  5. Insure the transmission gear selector can now be moved properly through the gears and insure that the Park sensor operates properly. If the Park locking mechanism does not work, you might have installed the adapter with a little too much downward pressure, just loosen the setscrew and try again.

ssr shift adapter 44
Satin and polished adapters, you will receive one of your choosing.

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