2005-2006 Chevy SSR Fuse Box Repair

On 2005-2006 models the fuse box in the engine bay has a manufacturing defect that causes a copper trace internally to crack. This crack will cause voltage loss in the fuel system and the truck to suddenly loose all power when driving as it heats up. The starter will still work, but you will not be able to start the vehicles as there will be no fuel available. As the truck sits and cools, after a few minutes to an hour, it will restart again like nothing happened. It may or may not cause trouble codes related to fuel pump and other equipment. This same manufacturing issue affects the Corvette and Trailblazer SS of similar eras but with different outcomes.

Do not spend money or time to replace it with an OEM part, as GM never addressed the issue. So new stock, if you can find them, likely have the same issue in time. This issue only affects the 2005-2006 SSRs.

Price – $40 plus return shipping.

Note that the repair process requires that the layers be taken apart, the retainers will damaged and cannot be replaced. The bolts and retainers will still work to hold the assembly together and properly connect the wiring blocks underneath, but it may be a little loose before final assembly. The work that is done will totally eliminate the issue in the future, the turn around time is normally no later than next day.