Chevy SSR Related Internet Links

Web links for repair, parts, accessories, etc….

Aftermarket and OEM Accessories and Parts –
Simple Engineering – Source for parts and accessories. Chrome accessories, Drive Line, Chassis, Body, Storage, Maintenance and repair items and personal goods with SSR Logo, etc.

Nicks Fix Tailgate Assist
Nicks Fix Inside Door Handle Repair
Nicks Fix Exterior Door Handle Repair

Kaminari – Chevy SSR fiberglass accessories, tail light kits, wings, spoilers, hoods, ground effects, body kits, etc.

Rock Auto – Source for replacement parts, some AC Delco and some aftermarket

Wild Bills SSR parts

Apparel Store for the SSR owner, embroidered logos on shirts and hats –
David Carey shirts
Etsy SSR related products
Fine Art America]
Red Bubble
TeePublic SSR Merch

Brake repair – I repair them for a nominal charge, use the contact page above for more information, but if you want a commercial solution that has a warranty –
Module Master
My airbags

Facebook Fan Page (SSR Fanatics) – Items for sale, technical discussion, photos, etc

SSR Fanatic Forum– Items for sale, technical discussion, photos, etc

Dick Belville (Dictator) One Drive – Site of a collection of PDF Power Point presentations that walk you through many repair procedures.