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  Technical Resources for Chevy SSR Owners - Parts, Help, Schematics, How To, Guides, etc.
My goal with this site is to provide information to assist you in the maintenance, upgrade, and overall enjoyment to you the owner of this rare and exciting auto. Yes, there are other forms of media out there, some forums, facebook pages, etc. My intent here is to provide useful information in a searchable knowledge base and links to other important information and related websites in a single location to make things easy to find, navigate and use.

I have been an owner of several SSRs since 2005. I have enjoyed owning them and showing them off as most of you. But, as time is moving on, parts and people who have knowledge of the parts and repair procedures are slowly getting smaller and more complicated to find.

I hope to provide a free uncluttered source for your enjoyment!

Thank you for visiting and enjoy your stay. If you have comments, suggestions, etc please feel free to contact me.
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