Repair of Chevy SSR electronic parts

I have over 40 years of electronic repair history. I was in the military and received quite a bit of training while assigned as an electronics specialist. I have also worked in the phone repair business and other electronic and computer areas. In my spare time I repair many parts related to the SSR and other vehicles like the Trailblazer and Corvette, Tahoe, etc.. The following is a list of things I do, if you would like more information please view the Parts and Service Page .

Speedometer readings bad – GM had a few years of bad production of stepper motors. When they go bad you will see erratic or non movement of needles. This is usually caused by a bad stepper motor. I replace all the stepper motors in the cluster and check for bad lighting. The vehicles that these bad steppers were used in were in the 2003-2006 era. Here is a list of the most common vehicles that this problem occurs on – 2003-2006 Avalanche, 2002- 2005 Cavalier, 2003-2005 Impala, 2003- 2005 Malibu, 2004, 2005 Monte Carlo, 2003- 2006 Silverado, 2003-2006 SSR, 2003-2006 Suburban, 2003-2006 Tahoe, 2002- 2006 Trailblazer, 2003-2005 Venture, 2003- 2006 Le Sabre, 2004- 2006 Rainier, 2003-2006 Rendezvous, 2003-2006 Denali, 2003-2006 Envoy, 2003- 2006 Sierra, 2003-2006 Yukon, 2003- 2006 Ascender, 2003-2006 Escalade, 2003, 2004 Bravada, 2003, 2004 Silhouette. 2003-2005 Aztek, 2003- 2005 Bonneville, 2003-2005 Grand AM, 2003- 2005 Grand Prix, 2004, 2005 Montana, 2003- 2005 Sunfire, 2003-2006 H2

Speedometer Lighting – I test and replace bad lighting with similar replacement bulbs or replace with updated LEDs. Please NOTE that the use of LED lighting will cause “hot spotting” due to the more directional nature of LEDs. The hot spot means that more light is going to be directed into a smaller area than the OEM bulb and at night the speedometer lighting will not be as even as OEM, there will be areas of brighter and dimmer areas. While this does not create problems, some people do not like it, so be aware before changing OEM lighting to LED.

Chevy SSR AC controller lighting – I can change the OEM bulbs or convert to LED.

Custom LED lighting – I have installed LED lighting in the rear cargo bar by removing the center rubber filler and forming a clear plastic insert, then installing LEDs into the rear SSR cargo bar. I have also cut out Chevrolet letters in the hood emblem, back filled with plastic and LED lit the SSR hood emblem. Please ask for pictures of these mods if you have interest.

Chevy SSR door lock latch mechanism – When you are having window index issues, or locking and unlocking problems, many times it is associated with corrosion of the door lock internal workings. I can either rebuild these or provide new serviceable replacement units for you.

Fuse box repair – On the 2005-2006 Chevy SSR, similar era SS Trailblazer and Chevy Corvettes, GM had a production line issue with the fuse box builds. There is an internal trace on the fuse box that in time will crack, with the SSR it causes the engine to suddenly stop until it cools, the same problem on the Trailblazer, and on Corvettes it causes the headlights to become inoperable. Replacement of the fuse box is expensive, and often times the replacement has the exact same issue as the old one after a few years, I can repair once and for all for a fraction of the replacement cost.

SSR console window switches – After time the switches get wear and quit working or lighting is an issue. I can repair these units for you.

SSR steering wheel switches – The lighting often fails, I can repair them for you.

GM remotes – Often times the shock that remotes go through can cause them to break. If you have a broken battery holder or you have a button that seems to be not working I can often repair the problem.

If you have questions about a repair or have a problem you would like to discuss please feel free to contact me via the contact form.