Window indexing not working correctly

The window on the SSR drops about a half inch when the handle is slightly moved so that it is below the weather strip before opening. It keeps the window down until it senses the door is closed, then it will raise the window back up into the weather seal.

PROGRAMMING the index – To reset the window indexing after a power loss or other issue, lower the window all the way and close the door. Raise the window to the full up position and hold the UP button for 5 seconds. Lower the window to the full down position and hold button for 5 seconds. The window should now be indexed properly, do the same for the other side if required.

If you open your door and the window indexes back up before you close the door the likely culprit is within the door lock mechanism. Here is some information on how to do the repair if you have this issue. Background discussion follows, the repair is show in diagram B and described near bottom. I might be able to repair your original module but I also have NEW left and right door lock mechanisms for sale, just send a message via the contact page for more information.

The door lock has several repairable functional areas as shown in Diagram A:

1. Electronic Locking/Unlocking mechanism – Remote and interior electronic door lock buttons will not work properly

2. Door Handle Position Sensor – Window index issues, battery drain

3. Lock position sensor/actuator – Door locks not operating correctly

4. Latch position sensor – Window indexing issue

There are other discussions about the lock and repair, this discussion is about #4, the latch sensor. If you are having issues with the window indexing intermittently or indexing before the door closes this area could be the issue. Make sure you check all wiring before digging in to the lock area, bad wiring has been noted on a few SSR’s.

This area is subject to moisture, dirt and metal wear. When the metal sensor pads wear they transfer small amounts of metal particles to the grease. When there is enough metal in the grease you get continuity. Continuity will cause erroneous signals and operation of the mechanism. Similar issues happen with corrosion, you’ll either get continuity or lack of continuity when it is designed to do so. The bad thing is that the parts are getting rare, the good thing is that most issues can be repaired in a few minutes with little expense.

The repair, as shown in Diagram B:
1. Removal of metal retaining clip
2. Removal of outer white plastic cap. Cap is glued on so be careful not to damage.
3. Under the white cap is a black plastic plate covering the contacts and position sensor.
4. Position sensor gearing moved to left and flipped upside down to show dirty contacts.
5. To repair this area, simply clean the position gearing and all metal contacts, recoat liberally with dielectric grease to prevent corrosion and reassemble. Insure you seal the white plastic covering to reduce water and dirt contamination.