SSR Trunk / Cargo Lid does not open

Sometimes people complain that the cover unlocks but the lid does not open without assistance. Or, that the lid does not release at all. These are 2 very different issues. To fully determine the problem….

1. Does the trunk unlock with a different key fob for or with the button in the glove box? If the answer is no to both, it does not work with another key fob or button in the glove box area, then yes, you could require a new actuator.  Firstly, check the appropriate fuses. If there are no issues with the fuses then it could be that your actuator as failed. Refer to item 15 in the following link for the part information you need as a replacement –
SSR Cross Reference Parts

2 If the lid does release with the glove box button but not the fob, then you could have a dirty or broken key fob. You could take the fob apart and clean it and inspect it. To clean the electrical contact pads, lightly use a pencil eraser or an appropriate cleaner.

3 If the lid unlocks but fails to lift properly, then you need new pistons for the lid. LST is the best supplier, for these replacement items and are sold here –
Cargo Support Struts for the SSR