SSR roof TLAT HALL switch error repair

This is a common error that can be easily remedied. There are small sensors on the SSR roof system, and with time they become dirty and do not provide the proper signals as needed. The roof might be working properly, but because these switches are dirty, they can make the system stop in it;s tracks. Below is the process the clean these switches and hopefully get the system working again for the TLAT HALL switch error.

The micro switch that controls this latch is stuck in the closed position. Very seldom will a micro switch itself go bad or fail. It is usually because of poor contact and that is exactly what the following pictures will show.

Normally, the “flipper” door will be unlatched so you can raise it up to get at the boxes, one on each side, which contain the micro switches causing the problem. It is easier for two people to raise the “flipper” but it can be done alone by raising each side SLOWLY in increments and placing a folded towel under or in the opening and repeating this back and forth bewtween sides and increasing the thickness of the towel until it is high enough to rise completely from grasping the middle of it.

Location of switch bracket in roof compartment, one on each side.

You will then see a black box on each side of your inner quarter panel that requires the removal of four 10mm bolts and two Phillips screws.

Remove Bracket, 10mm socket. Will not come out completely, just turn over.
As viewed from the top

You need to pull up and out on it in order to get to the backside quite hard because it is attached to a heavy cable and turn the micro switch over to see if it is the one stuck in the closed position as in the picture attached. The picture below shows it stuck in the closed position.

Then turn the micro switch towards the up position and just take some electronic cleaner (or WD40, etc) and spray enough on the retracted switch while tapping it lightly for it to pop out. Add a little more cleaner and work it several times to lubricate the inside of the blue rubber bellows.

Micro Switch; see with button with blue cover. Button “STICKS DOWN”. Roof will not latch or unlatch.

You have now fixed the problem and just need to reinstall back to normal. Nothing further needs to be done and the top should now work normally. If by chance this did not solve the problem, you need to check the box on the other side also but if you have found one of these switches hung up, I am sure you have found the problem.

This may need to be done from time to time, every few years, but the switches should last forever. Cleaning them gets them working again, I have never heard of a switch actually breaking yet, and these trucks are 18+ years old.