Best Step by Step Repair Guides for Chevy SSR by Dick Belville (Dictator) and other members of the SSR community

Dick is a long time Chevy SSR owner and over the years has developed a MS Onedrive account depository with many repair guides with pictures and step by step procedures. Some of the information is his, and other data was taken over time from other SSR owners. It is in one convenient public location to assist everyone, but some find it hard to navigate. Here are itemized links to his Onedrive folder for your convenience. Simply find and click the statement that describes the needed information and the webpage will load in a new window. From there you can view, save or print his information which is in PDF format.

Anti Lock Brake System ABS (EBCM) removal installation

ABS Heat Shield Installation

Air Conditioning Actuator Calibration

Air Conditioning Dash Control Replacement

Accent Courtesy Light Installation

Air Bag Removal

Alignment Specifications to prevent inner tire wear

Alternator Installation

Battery Cable Negative Ground Cable Repair

Battery Replacement

Bed Cable Adjustment

Bed Light Repair (Install LED to prevent overheat fires)

Bed Release Actuator Repair

Bed Strut Installation

Blower Motor (Interior heat and AC)

Body Control Module

Brake Light LED Installation

Cargo Bed Light

Center Cap Removal

Center Cap Repair

Cluster Removal

Coin Tray Removal

Dash Communication Wiring (COMB) Link

Console Lamp Repair

Cooling System

Courtesy Light

Simple Engineering Cross Member Install

Cup Holder Repair

Dash Removal

Dash Top Removal

Dash Vent Removal

Daytime Running Lights (DRL)

Door Check Repair (Click noise fix)

Door Handle (Inside) Repair

Door Lock / Latch Removal

Door Outside Handle

Door Panel Removal

Driver Seat Control

ECM Removal

Electrical Ground Locations

Emergency Fuse Box Repair

Faceplate Change on Speedometer

Flasher Installation

Front Frame Stiffener

Engine Fuse Box Repair

Glove Box Handle Repair

Headliner Repair

Hood Emblem Repair

Hood Strut Installation

Horn Contact Repair

Ignition Switch Replacement

LC32 Installation

Mole Skin Door Installation to prevent window scratching

Multi Function Turn Signal Switch Installation

Muth Signal Outside Mirror Installation

Oxygen O2 Sensor Replacement

Shift Console Lamp Repair

Park Shifter Solenoid Repair

Park Turn Signal Light LED

Pedal Pad Replacement

Radiator Fan Installation

Radiator Support Installation

RDM Roof Module

Rear Window Removal

Roof Ajar Error

Roof Chaffing Wire

Roof Compartment

Roof Cylinder Removal by Ed Borland

Roof Cylinder Removal by Dicktator

Roof Hinge Wiring repair

Roof Hydraulic Hose Repair

Roof Malfunction and Causes

Roof Operation

Roof Outer Actuator

Roof Pneumatic Strut Replacement

Roof Hydraulic Reservoir

Roof Seal Repair

Roof SSR Cylinder Removal Replacement

Roof Switch Failure

Roof Latch Repair

Roof Vent Sound Proofing

Rubber Seals

Seat Hoop Removal

Seat Removal

Shift Cable Repair

Spare Fuse Location

Starter Issues

Steering Wheel Lamps

Steering Wheel Removal

Steering Wheel Switches

Throttle Body Heat Bypass (03-04)

Under Hood Work Light

Unknown Driver Issue

Upper Shift Bushing Repair

Velcro Window Installation to reduce scratches

Wind Noise Fix

Window Adjustment

Window Rattle Fix

Window Regulator Replacement

Windshield Inside Trim Removal

Windshield Outside Trim Replacement

Wiper Motor Module Replacement