Repair Videos

Interior / Cab / Electronics

Chevy SSR dash cover and instrument cluster removal

Chevy SSR Instrument Cluster and Dash installation

How To – Chevy SSR Door Panel Removal / Install

Replace Glove Box Door Handle

Chevy SSR – Ignition Switch Replacement

Chevy SSR inside door handle fix

Chevy Ssr Window Regulator Repair

Chevy SSR – Exterior Door Handle Common Problems

Roof System

SSR Hydraulic System Replacement – Chapter 1 – Introduction

Chevy SSR Hydraulic System Replacement – Chapter 2 – Stowage Cover Extension (Flipper) Cylinder

SSR Hydraulic System Replacement – Chapter 3 – Stowage Cover Lift Cylinders

SSR Hydraulic System Replacement – Chapter 4 – Stowage Cover Lock Cylinder

SSR Hydraulic System Replacement – Chapter 5 – Main Lift Cylinders

SSR Hydraulic System Replacement – Chapter 6 – Hydraulic Pump Unit

SSR Top Hydraulic System Replacement – Chapter 7 – Summary

SSR Retractable Hardtop Maintenance and Adjustment Tips

Window Re-Indexing / Programming the Power Windows

Random Window Indexing Fix

Engine / Drive train

Chevy SSR SE-MFK-1 Radiator Cooling Fan – Installation

2003-2006 Chevy SSR – Cooling System Refresh

Chevy SSR – Rear Cargo Area – Water Leak Prevention Tips

2003/2004 Chevy SSR Fuel Filter Replacement

Chevy SSR – Crankshaft Position Sensor Install | Autel MaxiSys MS906 – CKP Variation Learn

2003-2004 Chevy SSR – Replace Intake Manifold Gaskets / Fuel Injectors

2003-2006 Chevy SSR – Simple Engineering, LLC – Heater Core Hoses

GM Automatic Transmission Shift Cable Repair Kit

2003-2006 Chevy SSR – Power Steering Pump Replacement

Chevy SSR / Trailblazer / GMC Envoy – Repair Leaking Fuel Tank Inlet Check Valve

SSR Lower Radiator Support – Installation

2003-2004 Chevy SSR – Replace Fuel Pump

Suspension / Brakes

Front Wheel Hub – Installation

Front Brake Pads and Rotors – Installation

Front Shocks – Installation – Bilstein

General Maintenance / Upgrade

Chevrolet SSR Engine Oil Life Reset

Change Low-Beam Bulb – Chevy SSR

Chevy SSR Spare Tire Kit Install

SSR Front Frame Stiffening Plate – Installation

Chevy SSR – Replace Rear Sway Bar End Links

LST 2003/2004 Hood Lift Kit – Installation

LST Deck (Cargo Cover) Struts – Installation

Chevrolet SSR: Wiper Motor Pulse Board Replace

Fuse box location and diagrams: Chevrolet SSR (2003-2006)

How to Jump start a Chevy SSR

Install an SSR Windjammer

Ground LED projector install