Chevy SSR Parts Cross Reference to Other Vehicles

From various sources on the Fanatic Forum

  1. Dash Vents: Oldsmobile Aurora center dash vent is a good replacement but note that they came in black and tan so if you find a rare one you might need to paint.
  2. LM4 Engine 03-04 5.3. This is the Aluminum version of the LM7 only found in the SSR, Trailblazer EXT, Isuzu Ascender through ’07, Buick Rendevous through ’07, Chevy Equinox through ’07 (Source GM)
  3. In Dash mounted Cup holder: Audi A6 Sedan 98-04
  4. Denso AC Compressor 471-7036.
  5. A/C Compressor bracket/mount. known to have cracking issues where it bolts to oil pan. Same as Traiblazer GM PN 12593247
  6. Upper front Control Arms on SSR are the Same as Trailblazer and the other GM variants. They are readily available from all parts sources with bushings installed. NOTE: The lower front control arms are specific to the SSR. Parts sources will list the lowers as the same as the Trailblazer which is not correct. They will not fit, your lower control arms will need to be rebuilt. The correct lower control arms have SSR stamped into them.
  7. Third brake light mounted in tailgate is the same as Pontiac Solstice/Saturn Sky. The Sky has a clear lens with red LEDs instead of the factory SSR red lens with red LEDs.
  8. Side mirrors (body and glass only) are the same as 97-04 Corvette. The pedestal under the mirror body is specific to the SSR.
  9. Rear License plate surround/backup lights are from a C5 (1997-2005) Corvette and are a direct replacement. The many decorative grills available for the C5 corvette rear plate will also fit the SSR.
  10. The passenger side outside door handle is interchangeable with the tailgate handle.
  11. There has been several posts that the 3 knob climate control module is from a Alfa Romeo which is true. However the Dephi made Alfa module internal electronics were reengineered for the SSR. The Alfa 159 module looks the same but all that is compatible is the body and mechanical parts and some possible internal electronics.
  12. Glove box handle, external part only is the same as Saturn Vue 02-07, Buick Rendezvous through 07 and Chevy Equinox through 07. The internal rod and lever are specific to the SSR but it usually the plastic that breaks so you can swap the latch parts.
  13. OEM door check is compatible with replacements for a 2015-2017 Chevrolet Colorado / GMC Canyon (GM part# 2336-0941).
  14. 05-06 SSR with the 6 speed manual transmission. Replacement Clutch master cylinder gasket can be a NAPA part#675-1210.
  15. Tonneau cover latch release = 99-05 Volkswagen Jetta Liftgate Tailgate Lock Solenoid Adjust Motor Actuator OEM 3B0959781C 3B5827061B NOTE- Must retain & use original SSR saddle seat.