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All parts listed are mirror finished 304 stainless steel and most parts attach with supplied 3M tape.

Hood panel $160

Grill overlay 8 pc set $395 this includes the 3 pc spear set

Grill 3 pc spear set $165 set

Side marker light trim with bowties 4 set $63

Door handle kit 2 pc set $60 or $73 to include tailgate handle

Gas cap cover $32

  • Rear sill plate blank $63
  • Rear sill plate SSR cut out $91
  • Door sill plates blank pair $120
  • Door sill pates pair SSR cut outs $168

Speaker rings 6 pc set $85 set

Firewall cover fits in place with 3 screw locations $115

Letters for under the hood set $25 no 3M tape